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A weird issue. Voice related.

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Okay so I have some strange voice issues in euroscope, any help would be appreciated.


When I am controlling on VATSIM, suddenly some AC can call me, but can't hear me - som AC I can't hear and they can't hear me either. This happens a few minutes (0-60 min) after I begin controlling. When I change voice server it fixes itself for a while, the same with restarting the scope. I have tried every voice server I could get my hands on, no-one worked properly for an extended period of time.


When the issue occurs I have observed that the voive channel "freezes" and people can't seem to join the voice channel, somethimes it seems they are thrown out as well.


Another thing is that I have asked some pilots to restart vPilot as admin and it has worked every time so far (perhaps them just restaring vpilot would do the trick also).


I have tried reinstalling ES, I have tried port-forwarding 3291 and 3290. My firewall is off with an exeption for ES.


In order to control what I do now is just have 2 voice-thingys ready and switch voice server whenever I get problems (http://i.imgur.com/ZkNkvOM.png).


So, what do I need to do? It has been this way since I first installed ES on this PC (early October).

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Sounds similar to my problem: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=68310


It's been a while since I had it now, maybe because my internet connection is now more stable, as the problem tends to show itself after a disconnect (even just for a few seconds). I have also noticed it seems to be a vpilot related problem as I don't remember this kind of voice problem from before.

Martin Loxbo

Director Sweden FIR

VATSIM Scandinavia

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As someone who has been (loosely) tracking these reports, I can report that it is NOT vPilot-only related; reports, although isolated, have been made by users of each of the clients.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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