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ATC - Academy Final PDF

Tom Steinberg 1340418

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I'm reading up on a couple of things and trying to get a head start.


I'm spending quite some time on the following website, going through the extensive and well written amount of information. It's a great Resource Center.



Then I found the following website and wanted to take a look on an open book exam.



Included on the website is a link to the Academy Final PDF but the link is unfortunately not working.



Is there an alternate link available for that docomeent?




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  • Board of Governors

Thanks, Ernesto. You are correct; that is (very) outdated.


Tom, it's great that you've started reading the educational material. In terms of progressing, as I said in the other thread, after the servers synchronize at 07Z, we will get your membership data from VATSIM's central member database. After that occurs, you'll be able to log into the VATUSA home page and click on the green "Become a VATUSA ATC" link on the right side of the page.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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