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Unable to file flight plan

Ian Campbell 1339829

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Hereunder snips of current situation with vPilot console and the flight plan I am unable to file because button inactive:




[Note: having just seen the post displayed only the word "Image" appears.

The URL entered was "http:// icampbel.net/vPilot" ]


Both the .PLN file in FSX and the .VPF file in VPilot share the name "VFR Bankstown to Canberra".


Observe that the .PNF file includes "title: YSBK to YSCB". No such line exists in the .VPF file. Am interested to understand the interaction between the two, if they do in fact interact.


This FSX flight as planned has all the waypoints of a recent real world flight.


Will appreciate guidance.



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And the missing software is . . . . one of the ATC services nominated by VATSIM? Please confirm.


If you were me and wish to do no more than fly, which service would you recommend? A straight vanilla quick start of EuroScope or one of your creations?


And finally, in what sequence should FSX, vPilot, and the ATC software be loaded?

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Again, you must connect to VATSIM. Being "connected to the simulator" simply means that vPilot realized you had FSX or P3D Open and was successfully able to create the 'link' it needs to perform further services.

One you are connected to the network ("Connect" button in upper left), you will be able to file a flightplan.

Right now I cannot find an underlying issue on why you cannot connect aside from not being connected to the network.


And you do not and will not need any ATC client if you only wish to fly on VATSIM.

The missing software you speak of is the vPilot Docomeentation. Here it is.

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Thank you Josh. Have been working under the impression that Vatsim had its own simulator. Now understand the simulator which the vPilot console is referring to is, in my case FSX.


Have a snip of said console in front of me. The 5 lines read:

Attempting simulation connect ion . . .

vPilot version 1. 1. 5638.40065

Network server list downloaded. 13 servers found.

Connected to simulator.

Model matching rule sets reloaded.


From what you say all I need to do is press the connect button in the top left corner to initiate (connect to) VATSIM. Sometimes I encounter a wordless black box. In the snip before me "Connect" appears on a black background. The metadata user notes say the background will be green, and after auctioning turn to red with word "disconnect".


So what does the wordless black box signify, and same for "Connect" on black background?


Apologies for delay responding. My hard disk failed with an "Unmountable boot volume" error. Expecting to be back online by weekend.




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Thanks again Josh.


In my post above "By Ian Campbell 1339829 - Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:06 am" mention is made of the FSX flight plan in the file "YSBK to YSCB.pln". Am sure that FSX was running and this flight plan loaded with the "Reposition the aircraft to the start location" option taken.


Next tried to load the vPilot flight plan, but couldn't because the "Load flight plan" button was not active. Snips of the vPilot console and flight plan at the time are at:




The only thing I can think of is that could be causing trouble is my "PA28 ready for takeoff at YSBK RWY 29" being the default flight when FSX loads. This is at odds with your advice that the aircraft be clear of any runway.


Your thoughts please.



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  • Board of Governors

Ian, suggest trying the following flow:


1. Start FSX.

2. Load up a flight in FSX, or enter free flight. In either case, if you plan on connecting to VATSIM, DO NOT start on a runway or a taxiway; start at a ramp or gate.

Note: When you load a flight plan in FSX is irrelevant. FSX flight plans and VATSIM flight plans are two separate things from a technical standpoint. Granted, it makes sense that they will be the same, but VATSIM, from a technical standpoint, doesn't care when or even if you have a flight plan in FSX.

3. Start vPilot.

4. Connect to VATSIM (using vPilot).

5. File a flight plan on VATSIM (using vPilot).


That process should work just fine. Not to confuse things, but there are permutations that will work, but with restrictions if a different flow were followed. For example, as it looks like you've seen, you can start vPilot without FSX running, but you cannot connect to VATSIM without FSX running. Even then, you can enter a flight plan in vPilot, but you can't send it to VATSIM without being connected to VATSIM.


But to keep things simple, just try following the checklist above.


The FSX .pln file and the vPilot .vfp file do not interact. FSX uses its .pln file, vPilot uses its .vfp file.


Your first post talks about a .pfn file. I do not know what that is.


If you haven't already, strongly suggest you take a look at our content in the Pilot Resource Center (http://www.vatsim.net/prc).


I hope this helps.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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The connect button will be enabled if vPilot has a connection to FSX, and you have a flight loaded. If FSX is showing the screen where you select or create a flight, or if you are in the middle of loading a flight or moving to a new location, then the Connect button will be disabled.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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Hi All,


Computer now fully functional with new hard disk and over 2,500 items including a Trojan Horse moved into quarantine.


At the very last sound was lost, music tracks were only playing for 20 seconds, right click mouse actions were in never ending "not responding" mode, and Windows 10 was running diagnostics and then busying itself fixing files which it kindly advised was going to take over an hour. Not the best environment for getting a new application up and running.


Have removed vPilot from the system and started afresh. Am now able to connect to VATSIM.


Will move on to loading flight plan tomorrow meaning the end of this thread is in sight.


Thanks and Cheers,


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