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Changing the vATIS voice and format?

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I currently control on VATPAC and due to the format vATIS pumps out it's information, we an not use it as it does not match the Aussie ATIS format.


Our format:


Approach Type

Active Runways

Runway Configuration

Operation information


Crosswind and Downwind information for runways

Viability (km)


Clouds (We use ' Broken 2500ft' rather than '2500 Broken')



'On first contact with (Airport name), Ground or Approach, notify receipt of'




Is there any way to make vATIS spit the information out in the format listed above?


Is there also any way to change the voice to our Australian male voice?



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From the author earlier this year in his reply to a similar thread:


vATIS was built to replicate the real-world D-ATIS system used in the United States, thus the reason for the choice of voice synthesizer. I won't be adding support for third-party SAPI voices.


That directly answers your voice question. Indirectly (e.g. via reading until the comma), you might get a potential answer as to whether or not vATIS can be adapted to fit a non-US-based format.

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VATPAC does not currently support the use of vATIS as it does not conform to our own ATIS format policy.


Further more VATPAC has produced a set of Australian voice ATIS files for use with euroscope. http://www.vatpac.org/forums/showthread.php?12902-EuroScope-Voice-ATIS-Files&highlight=ATIS


If you are seen to be using the incorrect format you will he asked to correct it by a member of staff or an instructor.


You can find all the information you need in vatpacs version of MATS

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