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Problems with Vpilot

Steve Newman 1342870

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Hello, First let me apologize if this is in the wrong part of the forams.


So today i am having a problem getting my mic to work in Vpilot. Vpilot recognizes my mic imately but then dose not transmit any thing even with multiple push to talk keys tried to make it work.


Any help on this Would be greatly appreciated.


Vpilot: HAve used Beta and Stable version with no change.

Has changed Push to talk Keys no results.

Has changed mics no change.



Roam Newman


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The TX box doesn't slow blue when I am pressing.

That would be the first issue you need to address, since it sounds like vPilot isn't recognizing your PTT button when you press it.


Try ensuring you have the vPilot window selected when you press the PTT button. If that works, then you probably aren't running vPilot as an administrator.

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