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Network errors

Richard Asberg

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Ok, thanks for the explanation and good thing it doesn't seem to have any bad effects on your own connection.


The bug that Don mentioned is actually related to why sometimes you'll see these errors for aircraft that are nowhere near you. The bug that causes the error to begin with is a bug in vPilot. Somehow, vPilot is sending out invalid position packets for some aircraft. (Notice it has a "nan" in place of the longitude value ... "nan" means "not a number".) The server dutifully p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es these position packets on to any aircraft in range. vPilot shows you the error if you are in range, because your vPilot can't interpret a longitude value of "nan".


I haven't been able to reproduce the error yet, so I haven't been able to implement a fix. The next version of vPilot will likely just log and suppress these errors, since there's nothing the user can do about them anyway.

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