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Prepar3D vPilot World Of AI model matching problem

Muhd Rasyad 1283069

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Muhd Rasyad 1283069

Hi guys,


Ever since i moved to P3D, i always get problem especially the model matching part. After installing WOAI*Manual installation*, i put it in my Simobjects/WOAI folder. After that, i edit my simobjects.cfg as P3D V3 is different now. Right after that, i run VMRGenerator, edit VMRGenerator.cfg to make my path to P3D V3 and then run it. After running it all etc, i run up my P3D V3 and go to the most crowded area, connect to VATSIM and getting all my error, BUNCH AND BUNCH of error. Yes, i ADD Custom file of ''AI MODEL MATCHING.VMR'' provided by VMR generator. Add it in, then run a test, it shows all 1.5k+ of error. Any help please?

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Nico Kaan


Could you post your VMRGenerator.log file?


Nico Kaan

Nico Kaan

Developer: PSXseeconTraffic, ParkPosGenerator and AILGenerator

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Steve Moerdyk 858984

Hey Nico,


Perhaps you could help me? I am having the same problem but am using the IVAO_MTL library. I did everything as stated above and here is a copy of my log. Any ideas:



run at: Tue Jan 26 18:27:28 2016



VMRGenerator - Matching Rules Generator for vPilot

version 2.5; 12/19/2015

© 2014-2015 Nico Kaan, Delft, The Netherlands

Instructions for use at: www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html



There is no warrentee, guarantee of any kind, and I'm not liable

for any problems you may encounter while using this software.



***** p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] 1 SEARCHING for aircraft.cfg or sim.cfg files *****

data\ICAOAirlineCodes.txt read with 1418 Airline codes

data\ICAOAircraftCodes.txt read with 1205 Aircraft codes

[P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]1]

FSX_or_P3D_path=D:\Prepar3d v3.1








Searching for WoAI aircraft ................ not found

Searching for SimObjects\IVAO_MTL ..........found

Searching for SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft ......not found

Searching for SimObjects\JFTraffic360 ......not found

Searching for MyTraffic\Aircraft ...........not found

Searching for SimObjects\Airplanes\vip .....not found

Searching for Airplanes\vip ................not found



data\InvalidAircraftCodeFixes.txt read with 88 Aircraft code fixes

Searching in SimObjects\IVAO_MTL

31 liveries with invalid ICAO Aircraft Type ignored.

34 liveries with old colors ignored.

=> 5031 liveries found.


===> 5031 liveries written to AI_liveries.txt

===> 180 invalid Airline codes in 689 liveries, written to InvalidAirlineCodes.txt

===> 31 invalid Aircraft codes in 31 liveries, written to InvalidAircraftCodes.txt



***** p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] 2 GENERATING rules file *****


[P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]2]













5031 liveries read from AI_liveries.txt

No duplicates found.


3441 normal rules for 909 Airlines.

909 TypeCode ZZZZ rules.

empty CallSignPrefix rules:

No MyAreaAirlines rules.



242 rules with valid Airline liveries

for these TypeCodes:

A124 A148 A306 A30B A310 A318 A319 A320 A321 A332

A333 A342 A343 A345 A346 A388 A4 AA5 AN12 AN2

AN24 AN26 AN28 AN32 AN70 AN72 AT43 AT44 AT45 AT72

B190 B212 B25 B461 B462 B463 B701 B703 B712 B720

B721 B722 B732 B733 B734 B735 B736 B737 B738 B739

B742 B743 B744 B748 B74S B752 B753 B762 B763 B764

B772 B773 B77L B77W B788 BA11 BE20 BE35 BE9L BER2

BN2P C130 C150 C152 C160 C17 C177 C27J C30J C337

C402 C414 C421 C46 C550 C750 CAT CL2P CL2T CL60


DC3 DC4 DC6 DC7 DC85 DC86 DC87 DC91 DC93 DC94

DC95 DH82 DH89 DH8C DH8D DHC1 DHC6 DHC7 DV20 E120

E135 E145 E170 E190 E3CF E50P EC20 EC35 EC45 EUFI

EXPL F100 F15 F16 F18 F27 F28 F2TH F4 F5

F50 F70 F900 FA10 G115 G21 GLEX GLF2 GLF4 GLF5

H25B H25C H47 H64 HAR HAWK HURI IL14 IL18 IL62

IL76 IL86 IL96 J3 J328 JS1 JS41 JU52 L101 L159

L188 L29 L29B L39 L410 L60 LJ24 LJ35 M404 MD11

MD87 MD90 MG21 MG23 MG25 MG29 MI24 MI26 MI8 MIR2

P28R P3 P32R P51 PA18 PA30 PA31 PA34 PA38 PAY2

PC12 PC6T PC7 PC9 PRM1 RJ1H RJ70 RJ85 RV8 S210

S61 S76 SB20 SB39 SF34 SH36 SPIT SR22 STRI SU24

SU27 SW4 T134 T144 T154 T204 T6 TEX2 TOR TU22

TU95 TUCA UH1 V10 VC10 VISC W3 YK40 YK42 YK52

Z26 Z42



4 rules with invalid Airline liveries

for these TypeCodes:

A748 AS65 C141 K35R


Makes 4596 rules in total.


===> AI Matching Rules Generated.vmr written.

===> and copied to vPilots Model Matching Rule Sets folder at this PC.



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Steve Moerdyk 858984

Disregard, I actually got it to work. Ended up being that I shoudl have been editing the simobjects.cfg instead of the prepar3d.cfg.

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