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Ai traffic with vipilot

Mick Michaels 1173871

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Hey guys

So I have not been on vatsim for quite sometime now and have recently got p3d v3


So decided to jump on board using vipilot


Now I have ut2 installed via the migration tool working great


But do not want it running or model matching with vipilot

Is there any way to bi p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] this and not have ai installed with v pilot?


As I think it will interfere with flights during landings and takeoffs



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You can use AI traffic models for model matching with vPilot, and at the same time set the AI sliders to zero so that P3D will not create any AI traffic. That way, only vPilot is creating aircraft in P3D, and those aircraft will be controlled by other VATSIM pilots.


Does that make sense and answer your question?

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