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Disconnect Issue

Rich Dragwa 1288851

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Hello, All. I have been experiencing a disconnect issue which just started recently. I have been away from VATSIM for a few months and recently started flying again due to time off for the holidays. It's happened about five or six times now and never happened before. When I'm flying and a controller sends me a message to contact them when I'm entering their space, the message opens on the top of the screen but then it looks as if it scrolls down the screen about thirty times or so and fills half the screen for about two seconds then goes back to normal. Then, when I switch frequencies and press transmit key, it disconnects me and shuts vPilot down. When I try to open vPilot again, I receive an error (I don't know what the error says, I'll try to capture it next time it happens) and won't open. The only way to reestablish the program and normal operation is to save my flight, shut FSX down and restart. I've tried re-installing vPilot twice with no results. I thought I'd install a different connection program and try it but then decided to give this a try and see if anyone had an issue like this. Any help would be appreciated.

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