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Mark Richards

Congratulations Jackson

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I have chatted to Jackson privately but also wanted to congratulate Jackson Harding publicly following his appointment as Regional Director for Oceania.


Jackson brings a wealth of experience to the role from both his professional life running his own medical practice, his military background and taking instructions from his wife Jo in his personal life.


Jackson has filled many positions in VATPAC, including Deputy Division Director and Division Director.


It's great to handle the mantle of VATOCE1 over to someone so capable.


I know that I leave the Region in very capable hands with the Region Team of Jackson, Ray and Arjun.




Mark Richards (811451)

Vice President Operations (VATGOV2)

Auckland, New Zealand



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Congratulations, Jackson! I wish you a lot of success in your role as VATOCE Regional Director!

Michael Mund-Hoym
Assistant to the Vice President Membership
VATUSA Deputy Division Conflict Resolution Manager
VATSIM Network Supervisor


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