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Open Skies Agreement

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Hello all,

So basically, who is responsible for Georgia (UGGG FIR) - VATEUR1 says RUS, all other info contradicts and states EUD. I read somewhere about the Open Skies Agreement - can anybody enlighten me? Looking at flying a bit more around that area


(I'm not planning on controlling there if any SCA guys are wondering, I'm just doing some research - I'm still awaiting S2 in Sweden whilst the new training directors come [its been a year since I started, 3 different mentors - think I'm a pain with timings] )


Anyway, so is Georgia covered under Open Skies? What are the details of this FIR?





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Hello Damon,


Currently Georgia is neither part of our Open Skies sectors nor an FIR covered by a vACC. If you are interested in controlling in Georgia please leave us an email at director [at] vateud.net and we will coordinate this. However, if you are interested only in flying within the area, this has nothing to do with the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment of the FIR either the existance of a local facility.


Best Regards,

Andreas Dermitzakis

Deputy Region Director, VATSIM Europe


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Since Georgia is not a VACC inside VATRUS neither VATEUD, it is "Open Skies" for VATEUR.

Everyone from Europe Region can control there according to the GRP.


Georgia is (as defined by VATEUR under part 1 of their policy), a member of VATEUD.


Correct me if I am wrong, but in 2008 Georgia separated from VATRUS due to the real life conflict between Gerogia and Russia. As far as I remember this territory was made Open Skies.


I wasn't at any staff position then, so i can be mistaken. Is there any history or logs that can / cannot prove this story?


The mentioned Policy also states that Moldova is the part of VATEUD, but it has been transferred to VATRUS and they established a VACC due to the fact that there are many russian-speaking members in it.

VATRUS Division Director, Supervisor

RU-CEN_FSS - CIS Central Asia FSS ("Asia-Center")

Email: director(at)vatrus.info

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