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ATC in Italy

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Hello everyone!Unlucky currently in Italy we haven't many ATC as like in UK or other countries in Vatsim network,and the conseguence are visible:over the bel paese we have few traffics.So i would create this post for advise all Vatsim pilots that is possible find me online every saturday and sunday in LIRR_N_APP frequency 125.500 from 20:00 Italian Time to 23:00 Italian time (UTC time is 19:00 to 22:00).That position give a coverage for the two airports of Roma: Roma Fiumicino-LIRF, the biggest airport in Italy, and Roma Ciampino LIRA,the HUB of Ryanair in Rome and a secondary base for Wizz Air.Is available also an ATIS frequency,120.170,for Fiumicino Airport.

However,if someone want another time for find ATC coverage in Italy,or that i try to open another ATC position,currently only the APP,can contact me via private message on Vatita forum.

If someone want more ATC coverage in Italy,in Vatita forum is possible find also the others member of Vatita:that vACC is always available for the VA's events.

Italy need to became again a great area for flying in Vatsim: all tfc are welcome.

Sometimes things get complicated. ATC on VATSIM as Milano Radar (LIMM_N_CTR)

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Ciao Andrea,


You might like to liaise with the staff of VATITA to create an online day where Roma Fiumicino e Ciampino can both be staffed. It might help to create a sense of community when all Italian controllers and pilots come together once a week, and provide guaranteed ATC for international pilots.


Sarebbe benissimo di vedere più attività in Italia. In bocca al lupo!

Wygene Chong

C1 Controller | Iceland | Greenland | Faroe Islands

VATSIM Scandinavia

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Hi Andreas,

I did ask to visit to open it up more often however I was rejected because they were too busy apparently so it is down them not wanting the controllers.

Layth Al-Wakil (1304151)

Marketing and Communications Team 



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Some vACC's does not have the ressources to accept visiting controllers, because they are busy with their own. It is important to understand, that the home-controllers has the priority over visiting-controllers.

If you really want to become a visiting controller within a particular vACC, I suggest you have a lot of patience, as the waiting times at some places are huge.

Morten Jelle

VATSIM Network Senior Supervisor
VATSIM Membership Manager, Asia/Pacific Region


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