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Airways and foreign Waypoints

Josh Glottmann

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In displaying the route of some aircraft, I've noticed their routes occasionally appear for lack of better words.

AR23 URSUS UA301 UCA UG437 GONIS UL341 KIRAN appears as this.

My issue here is the UCA happens to also be the name of a VOR in New York.

This issue occurs relatively frequently with routings that p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] through Havana's airspace.What might be a good 'solution' to this problem would be to allow for some kind of exceptions list which would override waypoints in the Waypoints.xml file. In that file, foreign fixes (that would not be regularly included in Waypoints.xml), could be included as well.


Another issue I've been facing is with routes that have specific aiways that are the same name as airports. The biggest occurrence of this I've noticed is with AR22. It feeds to one of Miami's main northern STARs and is also the identifier of Tommy's Flying Service Inc Airport.

My proposed solution for this would be to ignore airport names in IFR routes which include more than X different waypoints. Odds are, most people don't use an airport as an actual waypoint too often.

In the case of AR22, the airport would be ignored and it would be treated as an airway.

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