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Post V1.XXXX together with V2

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Shouldnt you be creating an atis in the specific format to your area of operation, whats the point of us all having a FAA USA format ATIS?


In vATIS v1, there is an option to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the METAR into an ICAO format ATIS which is applicable to many areas around the world, including VATPRC. All the controller has to do is to add a bit of regionally-specific information into the Arr/Dep info or the NOTAMs and he will be all set. Now that vATIS is updated to v2, there is no built-in support for non-US formats anymore and in many divisions around the world, there is simply no better system to come up with a good ATIS compared to vATIS. It would be to the best interest of controllers and pilots in these regions alike if Justin could still provide v1 as an option.

Zhenhao "Bruce" Yang


VATPRC10 Event Coordination [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant, C3 Senior Controller, VATUSA ZOB Visiting Controller, VATSIM P1 Online Pilot

Please Mail me at zhenhao[at]vatprc.net if you have any suggestions.



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