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[VACANCY] New Members Support Manager

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VATSIM European Division is currently accepting applications for a new members support manager position. This is a very specific and important position in VATEUD as it represents one of the first contact points between a new member and VATSIM staff in general. Because of this, the position requires a person with a very specific skill set that can cater to new members' needs.


Some of the responsibilities include:

Generating frequent new members' list and signup statistics

Getting in touch with members who register but not connect to the network

Ensure vACCs have information about new members

Produce statistical breakdown of new members who connect/don't connect before and after contact with staff.



Some of the skills required by for this position include:

Be *very* patient

Attentive to members' problems during first connection

Help with the most basic communication (chat, frequency, etc...)

Connect members with appropriate staff who can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist them further if necessary.

Should be well familiar with all client software (pilot & ATC) used by VATSIM at a basic level at least.


Please include in your application a letter of motivation as well as a short VATSIM CV.

All applications should be send to director [at] vateud.net no later than 31st of March,2016.

Andreas Dermitzakis

Deputy Region Director, VATSIM Europe


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