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Managing the aircraft calling for clearance

Howard Snider

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I was hoping that we can get a step by step procedure for how to manage the aircraft calling for clearance with a filed IFR flight plan. I am specifically curious as to the simplest way to issue a beacon code to the departure since the FP Editor will not allow a beacon code to be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned. I was reading about the DM command and was curious if this was used in this situation. I do not see any specific information about the DM command or how to input and activate this command.


I had been using the QT command , left clicking near the field, then entering the callsign as if the aircraft was already airborn to generate the code, then dropping the track on the CST tag. This quite frankly has been the most nebulous part of this program. I am enjoying it otherwise. Thanks for any help.

Howard Snider



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In the Real World, we have electronic strips allowing us to access all active and proposed flight plans for the air fields we provide IFR service into and out. The flight plan system for each ARTCC will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a beacon code to all it's departure airfields automatically. When we get a call asking for an IFR clearance off an airfield that we provide service, we will issue the clearance and then create a track as a visual reminder that an aircraft at this field has been given a clearance and we can not issue any other IFR clearance into or out of this field, ie. one in one out rule.


When the aircraft departs and we have established communications and often radar contacted the aircraft, we will enter a DM, departure message, into the flight plan system. The DM will tell the system that the plane is now airborne and will begin to print strips (electronic strip shows on EDSTs) down the line as the aircraft progresses on its route of flight. This moves the aircraft from the proposed flight plan system into the active aircraft system.



In my limited testing on a rough facility file, I found this method to work.


Aircraft calls for clearance... AAL581

SR AAL581 - brings up AAL581s flight plan editor.

QB AAL581 - [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns AAL581 a beacon code. or type QB 329 (329 being AAL581s CID)

Issue clearance then,


QT (1) (2) ------- (1) Either //KOKC or left mouse click on the airport ----------- (2) CALLSIGN of aircraft


QQ (1) (2) ------- (1) Initial altitude aircraft released to. ------- (2) CID


Aircraft calls airborne...


DM (1) ------- (1) CID or aircraft callsign.


This will cause the system to start searching to correlate the track we created with the the squawk code the aircraft is squawking. If you have put the track near enough to the actual aircraft target, the data block you created for this aircraft will jump onto the actual target and begin to correlate. This all [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umes the aircraft is squawking the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned beacon code you issued. If not, the actual aircraft target and the created data block will not correlate.




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Thought I'd mention what to do with VFR on the ground with no flightplanning (since VPing on the ground doesn't seem to work).


What I've found works best is QB V/R/T

Although that sets their voice tag, it also creates an editable blank flightplan (opened with SR).

From that you can fill out all other apprpriate information.

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