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Miami Airport question

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have a question for the ZMA guys regarding pushback from a few areas.


at MIA, we have several spots that require pushback onto the movement areas, mainly around the Fedex ramp onto Kilo, a few spots on the D ramp onto November (60W, 60V, 60K, 60M, 60P on the eagle ramp, and 4 - 16, even numbers, on the AA side), also 60J requires a push onto Whiskey. there are also a couple gates at F and G that push onto Papa.


question is, online do we request push onto the taxiways or continue with the "at your own discretion" as thats whats often given. real world, before we push any aircraft onto these areas, the pilots have to call for clearance and tell us they have the clearance (i work on the AE side)


figured id ask to be sure since the sceneries are now pretty updated



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90% of the time we give "at pilot's discretion". We usually aren't busy enough for there to be a conflict (with another taxiing aircraft on N/W/R/P. The reasoning behind it (to my knowledge) is simplification for the purpose of VATSIM. One plane might know that they're entering a taxiway while the other doesn't end then we could get everyone requesting push. That reasoning is a bit bland, I know, but that what I'm thinking it is.

It never has really been a significant enough issue that frequent conflicts are occurring, not even during events.

I personally think it would make more sense to approve a push in those certain locations, but the odds of getting everyone on board is doubtful.

During CTP (and some major events) we will open a Ramp position for the sake of keeping everyone from hitting one another.

Since we don't have Miami-Dade Ramp Control running the ramp on VATSIM, it could be kind of hard to regulate who's pushing at their discretion and who isn't.

Josh Glottmann
Deputy Air Traffic Manager
Oakland ARTCC
[email protected]

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90% of the time we give "at pilot's discretion".

I give it 100% of the time (if explicitly asked) since we don't simulate ramp control and the ramp area is typically in the non-movement area. I couldn't approve their pushback even if I wanted to since I don't control that area. If they're planning on pushing onto a surface in the movement area, I would hope that they'd ask 100% of the time for the same reasons I hope they wouldn't enter a runway without permission, fly VFR through a Bravo without permission, etc.

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