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Simulator planes spawn with speed.

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I've been working on updating some old 3.1 scenarios I found on my drive. Everything's been relatively smooth so far with the exception of one thing, all aircraft on the ground spawn with a ground speed of around 200kts. They'll continue pretty much in a straight line and eventually come to a stop, but it makes the scenario completely unusable. Here's an example aircraft from one of the files, it's an APP scenario so the aircraft spawn on the runway ready to be departed by the mentor:


$FPSCW142:*A:I:RJ85:434:ESMS:0:0:29000:ESSB:1:05:2:35:ESSA:/v/:NEXIL N851 TRS


This particular plane spawns at 205kts, I've not yet figured out what's causing this. Any help would be appreciated.

Arvid Hansson | 1162891 | I3

VATEUD ATC Department Deputy Director

VATSIM Network Supervisor

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