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Not a good day in the office (EGKK 1330Z)

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Well today was the very first time in over 15 years on VATSIM I became genuinely frustrated and logged off.


Some 20 aircraft on the deck at Gatwick all get given HOLD position so that ONE pilot can practice an emergency, that he then made a mess of.


I was told to plan for 26L - I did.

I was then given 26R as the emergency pilot decided he wanted 26L all to himself.

The just as I stared to taxi it was reconfig for 26L.


30 minutes being pushed to nowhere.


Yes it was towers remit to allow the emergency, but can I ask controllers when doing so to thinks about the other pilots.


Many of us just logged off.


Such a shame.


RANT ends........

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Quoted from the VATSIM UK Forums

So this is a nice one to explain...


As I was the tower controller on at the time, I feel as if I should respond to this as when your on stand, your not really aware of the full situation. I did consider all the pilots on the ground at the time, and I feel as much as it is annoying, there is no need to overreact.


The emergency gave us a roughly 2 minute estimate for a brake cooldown - no problem. After he had exceeded that delay, I checked if he was able to vacate which he was not, hence the decision to change the runway to 26R to keep the flow moving - its what the runway is there for in the first place!


Shortly after, the amount of traffic increased significantly and therefore I asked the mayday to be discontinued - which it was and 26L was reopened.


As regards to the 747 and his tour of the fence, he was told to abort way before he started rolling and to hold position. But yet he ignored that instruction. While yes a more explicit instruction could have been issued at the time, there was other things going on.


Overall, if people were following the instructions that they were given, then the scenario would be over a lot quicker. (I should point out that the situation was back to 'normal' within 10-15 mins.


The best way to get moving is to let the controllers get on with it. We know what we're doing, and we were doing the best to get the situation going as quickly as possible. Shouting at controllers over frequency doesn't get you anywhere!

Alex Ashley

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Yeah I feel you that us controllers have rough days in the office. I have had some rough days plagued with mistakes so yeah. Better off not ranting. Although stuff like that can make a controller angry.

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