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Adding Aircraft to vRoute Drop Down

Randy Tyndall 1087023

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Seems a long time ago, but there was a process outlined that pilots used to get other aircraft added to the drop down list to compute fuel consumption estimates for a given flight plan.


There was a specific set of data you needed to get a "basic" trip fuel consumption.


I also seem to remember that you stopped taking pilot inputs about getting aircraft added. Is this still the case? The reason I ask is that I truly enjoy the PSS B777 in FS9, but it is not in the fuel drop down list. The PSS 757-200 and 757-300 are, but not the T7.


I tried using other Triple 7's from the list, but the fuel use characteristics either leave me "hanging" or have me very heavy when landing. I have fine tuned my fuel loads for specific routes and do enjoy seeing how accurate I can be, but sometimes it's nice to just "click and load" from the drop down, especially if I haven't used her in awhile.



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