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vPilot v2 + Euroscope + P3D v3

Florian Hofer

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How do I propperlly set up the tower view with vPilot v2?

I tried it like this:

-Euroscope connected as Tower

-Proxyserver of ES running

-P3D in multyplayer mode as tower. But also as a normal session with custom camera.

-vPilot v2 and P3D v3 runned both as admin.

-I used the dot-command .towerview in vPilot v2 and it showed me "connected in observer mode" and on top the callsign "TOWER".

No further [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignements needed when runned on the same computer, right?


But I did not get any traffic showed. (Using WoAI) Not even as the default CRJ-700.


What do I do wrong?


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I think ES doesn't p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the right aircraft type information to clients that are connected to its proxy server as an observer. If I'm right about that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption, this will have to be changed in ES in order for the vPilot towerview feature to work with ES.

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For all those that don't know, the main man Gergely posted this on Sunday:


OK guys it is my turn to enable the controller connection on ES tower view feature. I am working on it, but there are some other things before I can make a new release public.

But to make it clean: ES proxy and ES tower view is completely different.

ES proxy is use to communicate between to ES clients on port 6810. It uses special packets and only for internal use, not published to external programs. It is a two way communication as you can control on the proxy client as well.

On the other hand when you connect to the server ES start listening 6809 as well to offer the incoming data for pilot clients to render the planes on FSX or P3D. That is a one way communication. ES sends the data to the pilot client, but ignores the incoming requests.




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