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hello everyone hope everyone is fine this evening


I will get sight to the point I am looking for some one that really knows his/her stuff when it comes to making euroscope sector files we at vacc Malta have hit a dead end on creating a high detailed ground layout and we were hoping that some on can help us make what we need. or at least put us in the right direction.

the problem with are sector file its very basic doesn't Mach up with aircraft unless the person is flying default scenery.

what I have done up to now is take a pdf chart and loaded it in AutoCAD and removed everything not needed.

I so a post that said you must take the afcads from the scenery to line it up on the pdf you have in AutoCAD but we have no idea how to proceed. http://zseartcc.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4632

kind regards


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