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Just Discovered vRoute Edit Function

Randy Tyndall 1087023

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Hello Michal and All,


I just submitted a route to be approved by a moderator, but discovered a function in vRoute during the process that I was never aware of.


After I submitted my route (FAOR to FHSH) I went back to look for another route. When I pressed the "Route" button I noticed at the bottom of the route page a route I had never submitted that needed correcting apparently. Every time I went back to "Route" as if I was going to search for a new route a different route that needed editing for correction would appear at the bottom.


On a whim I selected "edit" and the route that needed editing popped up with a description of the problems found in the route. In the comments box was a note "Yes, I can fix it". So I tried to fix it by using Navigraphs excellent chart database. I clicked "verify" and lo and behold the route came up OK along with a comment that it would be available for all users after moderator approval.


My small way of giving back to the community.


That was fun, so I fixed a couple more, three in total; VECC to VOML, PHNL to KBOS, and HKJK to HSSS. I love the flight planning side of virtual flight so this is a new addiction for me. Gotta run some errands, but can't wait to get back to vRoute and fix some more if I can. I may never get to fly again.



Randy Tyndall - KBOI

ZLA I-11/vACC Portugal P4

“A ship is always safe in the harbor. But that’s not why they build ships” --Michael Bevington ID 814931, Former VATSIM Board of Governors Vice President of Pilot Training


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