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[BUGREPORT] Scenario Editor

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I've been fiddeling with the scenario editor and have come across an annoying bug (in my opinion).


When I'm making a scenario with arrivals, the planes won't extract their route correct.

This happens both with the get route "From FP" or if I leave the Route blank.


I place the plane somewhere alon the STAR, and inbound for the active runway. The problem is that somehow the editor/simulator inserts the arrival airport before the ILS in the route.




Flightplan: ENTO ==> ENBR via BAKIV Z129 PESUR


I then insert the aircraft just before the "GILVA" fix on the STAR (PESUR2N). Now no matter if I press "From FP" or just leave the route blank I get this: GILVA BABLU ENBR ILS17

This wil make the aircraft go from BABLU to ENBR and from there continue on heading 170 because it can't establish on the ILS because it's overhead the airport.


What should have been the route would be: GILVA BABLU ILS17. (ENBR) This will have the aircraft catch the ILS and land automatically.

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