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Known Issues - Read before posting!

Ross Carlson

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Ross Carlson

The following issues are known to exist with VRC. Please do not submit bug reports for these items:


Error when trying to save new voice ATIS recording


Some users have reported an intermittent error when trying to record a new voice ATIS message. The error is:


Error saving voice ATIS recording: could not delete previous recording


Some users get this error every time, and some users only get the error after they've been online with a voice ATIS running for hours. I have not been able to identify the cause.


If you have this problem, please try to identify the steps required to reproduce it, and post your information in a thread here in the VRC forum. Include the operating system that you're using, and whether or not you are logged in to Windows as a user with Administrator privileges.


It seems that the only workaround for this problem is restarting VRC.


Bottom line of radio history area will not appear


Apparently this issue happens quite frequently with Intel graphics hardware, especially on laptops. It may occur with other types of video cards as well. The solution that has worked for every known case has been to turn your "hardware acceleration" setting down in the video driver settings. You should not have to turn it all the way down, perhaps just halfway. Experiment to see what works.


Missing borders and data in button bar and/or radio history


This is the same problem as the one above where the bottom line of the radio history area does not appear until a new message comes in.


Traffic not visible across 180th meridian


If the center point of a scope window is within the visibility range of the 180th meridian (+/- 180 degrees longitude) then traffic on the other side of the meridian will be considered out of range and will not be displayed.


Scopes do not update on monitors driven by secondary video cards


If you drag a scope window to another monitor, and that monitor is connected to a video card other than your primary card, the scope will not refresh. This is due to the way video memory is utilized. I will be looking into ways to remedy this, but it is possible that this issue will not be fixed. This issue does not affect the floating tool windows or chat windows ... only the scope windows and the flight strip bay.


Update 10/10/06: I recently changed video cards in my system, and now the scopes work on all monitors. Before, I had one PCI Express card running two monitors, and one PCI card running a third. VRC scope windows would only work on the two monitors connected to the primary card. Now, I have two PCI Express cards in the system, with 4 monitors, and VRC scopes work on all 4 monitors. I also upgraded to the latest nVidia display drivers at the same time, so I'm not sure if the drivers fixed this issue for me, or if having both cards on the same bus did the trick.


Windows XP SP2 may be required for ATI video card owners


A small but annoying problem has cropped up with some combinations of ATI video cards with Windows XP. Installing or reinstalling SP2 seems to fix it. The problem is that the text in the command entry line shows up as white with a white background, when it is supposed to have a black background.


Invalid File Handle 32 error during install/upgrade


This error sometimes occurs during an installation or upgrade of VRC. It is caused by an error during the VRC font installation. If you get this error, you'll need to reboot your machine and re-install VRC.


Scopes not updated on secondary monitor with Nvidia card


Apparently there is a setting in Nvidia drivers which must be set in order to enable VRC scope windows and the flight strip bay to work on secondary monitors. Here's a quote from a beta tester:


The remedy is to turn on "multi-display compatibility" or "multi-display performance" modes in your Nvidia settings. Do this by right clicking on the desktop, going to Nvidia display, then selecting your primary monitor. Click "Performance and Quality Settings" on the left, and on the right where it says "global driver settings" click the drop down menu to view "Advanced Settings". Here you will find all of your AA, Anistrophic, etc. settings. Go to the 9th item down which is the Hardware Acceleration line. At the bottom is the slider where you must select either the "multi-display performance" or "multi-display compatibility" modes. As of now I'm not entirely sure of the difference between the performance or compatibility setting within the multi-display mode, but regardless, VRC works fine with either.


Keyboard layout changes when using the Shift-Alt-Click Separation Link feature


This is a feature of some non-English versions of Windows. The Shift-Alt key combo changes the keyboard layout from the native language layout to English, or vice-versa. This key combo can be disabled. There are instructions in this thread on the VRC forums:



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