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Bug Reports - Read this before posting!

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Please use this forum only for VRC support questions, and not for bug reports.


Follow these steps if you think you have found a bug in VRC:


1) Check the known issues thread in the VRC forums. (Click here) Make sure your bug report is not a known issue!


2) Read the bug posting instructions in the VRC forums. (Click here) It is critical that these instructions be followed if I'm to have a chance of fixing the bug.


3) Read the bug reports forum to see if your bug has been reported. (Click here) If you have feedback to offer about a bug that has already been reported, simply reply in the existing thread. Please do not create a new thread.


4) If you are sure you have found a totally new bug, submit a bug report in the VRC bug reporting forum. (Click here) Make sure you start a new thread ... please do not submit a reply to an existing thread if you are submitting a new bug.



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