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Just because I hate to see my facilities potentially dragged into the mud, I'll add a little facts and data.... Mr. Jackson came to his conclusion and posted his thoughts less than 21 hours after joining the facility. The facility staff and USA Western Regional ATD have both reached out to him to identify the best path forward within hours of his email and forum post, where he posted his discontent here, for thousands and thousands of members worldwide to see.... There are always (at least) two sides to every story....


My thoughts for all, not just Mr. Jackson: This is a volunteer organization built around a hobby. We all have some combination of jobs, school, families, churches, other volunteer obligations, etc. that pull on our time. While everyone strives to be as responsive and awesome as we can be, sometimes some of our other obligations take precedence. There is a need to find that sweet-spot balance between patient and responsive -- lack of either attribute is a poison pill of failure, and finding the right mixture of being both patient and responsive is so important.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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First, I think everyone here deserves an apology, but not just everyone in general, specifically to Mr. Desfosse. I apologize for all of the headache and confusion this has caused, I would just like to explain that I posted this as a result of my impatience. I look back on it now, and, when I posted this I don't think I really appreciated the amount of members not only on VATSIM but also on the VATUSA and VATNA networks. So, with that, I formally apologize, and I will try to be a little more patient. We all have big flaws, and that just happens to be one of mine.


I will be taking down this post in about 15 minutes just so that people can get a change to see my apology, I will also e-mail the staff whom have been so kind to me despite all of the trouble I stirred up here.




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