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Appointment of ACCVCL Director

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After months of searching, Duy An has stepped up as ACCVCL Director. Please join me in welcoming Duy An to the new role.


Duy An brings with him experience as an Events Director in ACCVCL. He also lives in Vietnam and will help us engage the local community.


Please give your cooperation to Duy An and give him all the support he needs to make ACCVCL a success.



Eugene Lee

Division Director

VATSIM South East Asia

Member, VATASIA Regional Conflict Resolution Panel

Supervisor / Instructor / Senior Controller

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  • Board of Governors

Fantastic news! Well done to everyone who contributed and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isted at VCL! A new era begins.

Duy An, wishing you all the best on your new position and duties!

Contact at: a.stefopoulos(at)vatsim.net     Visit us at: www.vatsim-asia.net
a.stefopoulos(at)vatsim-asia.net                  specialists.vatsim-asia.net     

How to become a Supervisor?                        image.png.9d72d6c5db2514603ac1131a316fc47c.png


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