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Can someone Please Review My MDCS Application

Miguel Gomez 1337458

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Sorry a bit late in responding.


Thank you Ernesto.


Last week I just appointed a new ATM, working on getting him caught up to speed and docomeents being created. Joseph is the only staff member currently and trainer.


Santo Domingo has been dorment for quite a while now and updating is needed which is being done as we speak.

Please be patient with us and we will get to the applications and training as fast as we can.


Thank you.

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Hi Miguel,


Awfully sorry, I saw this post some time ago (In fact before I became ATM) and wasn't able to reply at the time. We recently rejected your application as you appear to be in the VATUSA division. If you transfer to VATCAR then we would be happy to accept and train you. We have completely revamped the Santo Domingo FIR and would love to get some new controllers on board!


Thank you,


Joseph Donat
Deputy Division Director, VATSIM Middle East & North Africa  
vACC Director, VATSIM Kuwait & Iraq
##  [email protected] 





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