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+ key other than the numberpad for asel?

Bryan Wollenberg 810243

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Ross...first, congratulations on a job well done! Great looking program.


Quite a few controllers have been asking me tonight about [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning the + key (next to the - _) as the aircraft select. Being an ASRC jockey, I had no clue. So, I tried it myself, and sure enough, can't do it. It seems really bizarre to have to jump over to the + key on the number pad, then back to the main part of the keyboard.


Am I missing something, or is there a way around that?

Bryan Wollenberg


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VRC does not support key combinations such as "Shift + =" for ASEL, CSEL or PTT. So you could use just the = key if you want, but then you won't be able to type an equals sign in any text or chat.


Note that I find the numpad + key very natural for ASEL, since the way I select aircraft is usually by entering the last bit of their callsign, then pressing ASEL. For example, if I want to select DAL123, I would type 123 followed by numpad +.

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I use ` for aircraft, and \ for controllers. I can't think of any circomestances where I need to use the \ for other purposes



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