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Firewall Issues

Tim Slater 883355

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I've come across a problem which arises while using Norton AntiVirus 2005 with VRC. Every few seconds I will get an 'intruder alert' which states:


Intrusion: Invalid UDP Destination Port

Intruder: (My local IP address)

Risk Level: Medium

Source IP address: (My local IP address)

Destination IP address:

UDP Source Port: 3290

UDP Destination Port: 0. Invalid


I'm really baffled as to what is causing this. I have tried a number of configurations - with/without manual router port forwarding - with/without a program exception in Norton.


In all these configurations, there is no apparent loss of actual functionality with regards to port 3290 being blocked. However, this message still pops up every few seconds.



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One more reason to get rid of the Norton stuff alltogether

I use NIS2006... more problems than revenues... I just turn it off (via msconfig) when I want to control or fly on line. I just try to avoid any other Internet activity.


Piotr Nowicki

VATSIM.net Membership Depratment

Leader, Support Group 2, VATSIM Supervisor

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Hi Tim, I had the same problem with the alert popping up all the time. I then noticed it wasn't a "valid" attack, and checked the option to not display the alret again. Solved the problem without disabling the firewall. I succesfully used VRC this morning for about 3 hours with no evident problems/issue's.



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