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PSA: Feature Requests

Christopher Collins

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I had really hoped this wasn't necessary, but recent events have indicated that it is.


First of all, I am happy for you to place feature requests for XSB in this forum - however, it is not a vote or popularity contest, so please do not weigh in if you want the feature or not - if it can be reasonably implemented and doesn't violate network policy, it is probably on the list, and if it isn't, it probably will be shortly. Development priority is not set by public demand, nor will it be, so please don't waste energy with +1 posts. If you bury a post like that, I'm more likely to ignore it without reading it since I don't particularly want to go digging through such low-value threads to find any real discussion of merit.


Do not expect me to comment on development priority or timing for new features. I will not commit to any sort of time-frame on any feature or development work that is not already approaching completion. I will comment on bug-fixes, but generally only in-so-far as to in which release I intend to fix it. Just because a feature may seem trivial to you, doesn't mean that it's fast to implement and test for release.


Finally, do not contact me for feature requests directly. Not on any medium. I monitor the forums regularly, and I'm happy for it to be in the public space, but I do not appreciate being spammed by users who are impatient. I am extremely time poor due to a combination of studies and professional obligations and the last thing I need to be doing is sending the same reply to a handful of individuals who don't respect that my time to work on XSB or VATSIM related matters is limited. This behaviour also reduces the effectiveness of these direct communication channels for matters of importance which do require my immediate attention, such as critical bug reports.


When I have something to report or announce, it will be made publicly - not to any one individual.

XSquawkBox - Developer/Maintainer


Please post any support related questions to the XSquawkBox support forum rather than private messaging me, thanks.

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