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Manchester Friday Staff-Up

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Hello all,


With the Manchester Controllers, we are going to try to do a Manchester Friday Staff-Up every Friday staffing it from the very bottom of the ground to the sky of Manchester.




The very first time of this staff-up will be on this Friday from 1600z to 2200z so 1700BST to 2300BST.


You will have control from Delivery up to Approach and hopefully London Control.


If any London Controllers are able to control London North or Scottish PC, it would be great! We already have the controllers for this friday, but if you're willing to control for the next times, feel free to tell @Luke Collister or myself.


I hope to see you all, so we can have good fun and enjoy it! I will make a time lapse to show you the traffic we had.


N.B: Please note, this is not an official event, just a staff-up of Manchester Controllers to try to make Manchester as busy as it was before. Staff if this is not allowed please feel free to remove it.

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