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Aircraft Performance in Simulator

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I observed that with the latest beta-version (EuroScopeBeta32a12) and the standard v3.2 the speeds (especially the final approach speeds) are very low, something I didn't seem to observe before:

- RJ1H: 86kts

- A318: 93kts


In order to overwrite the standard values coded in Euroscope I added a few lines in the scenario file to define the performance, but without any result.

Do these performance data have to be somewhere special in the scenario file? I tried it at the end and before the flightplans, no change.

Can I see the original values in ES somewhere?

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Absolutelly agree! It would be perfect if we had REALISTIC speeds in the sim generally, but best would be if we could specify our own speed into ROUTE section like we can specify the altitude. So we could simulate that one B737 flies from FAF on final approach speed while another B737 keeps 160 until 4NM final and then reduces to final approach speed (aka different company procedures).



Pavel Brodsky


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