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Airwego-Update featuring Cargo, Norway and new wesbite

Richard Myers

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Richard Myers

Airwego - Press Release / Update - September 2016


Since opening back in 2000 Airwego has constantly evolved.


The website has been redesigned several times, aircraft liveries have been updated, schedules have been published and then republished. However the one constant has been our pilots. A group of individuals that enjoy flying with a virtual airline that offers “Minimal Rules but Maximum Fun”.


Recent times are no exception to this evolution with many key projects coming to conclusion over the last few months.


Towards the end of 2015 the website came under review. While it served our purposes it did need a redesign to reflect our progression as a virtual airline. Over the course of several months a “test” site was developed to explore the inclusion of new and unique features. Favourite pages ( Flight TV & / Statistics) were retained but many received a facelift (Fleet & Downloads) while many were completely redesigned such as our main page and the Bases page.


Initially feedback on the new website was positive with some excellent suggestions for further improvements by our crew which were soon implemented. Via our Forum the website continues to be praised for it’s ease of navigation and interesting features.


For many years our livery had remained relatively static with only minor changes made. Committing to redesigning the livery was a major decision but that commitment was dwarfed by the number of hours required to repaint an aircraft Fleet featuring both freeware and payware models.


Rob (Airwego Resources Manager) and a team of repainters set about repainting our fleet of freeware (TDS / Project Airbus / Dreamwings / PAD) aircraft and our payware offerings that include Aerosoft Airbus, Majestic Dash 8-Q400, PMDG MD-11, Qualitywings B757, Aerosoft Twin Otter, PMDG B737NGX and the Wilco / Feel There E-Jets.


After several months of work our new livery was released and still retains our famous “comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]” logo that has been in place in 2000.




Our schedules have now been completely overhauled with our bases at Bristol (EGGD), Humberside (EGNJ), Manchester (EGCC), Palermo (LICJ) and San Juan (TJSJ) joined by flight operations from Aberdeen (EGPD), Bergen (ENBR), Bodo (ENBR) and Southend (EGMC).


Each of our bases has been selected to ensure firstly decent freeware scenery is available and in many cases this is complemented by a excellent high quality payware product also being available. How the airport operates in the real world airport is also key and during the schedule design process the timetables for the relevant airport are often referenced with a “sprinkling” of creativity for added appeal.


Supporting all of our routes are a comprehensive suite of ready to use FMC flight-plans based on current navigation databases. As well as being offered in the default FS9 / FSX GPS format these FMC flight-plans are available for key payware products from the Aerosoft Airbus, Majestic Dash 8-Q400, PMDG B737NGX / MD-11, Level D B767, Wilco / Feelthere Embraer E-Jets and Quality Wings B757.


Operationally we have implemented two key changes.


Perhaps the most high profile has been the introduction of cargo flights from East Midlands (EGNX) in the UK. Utilising a fleet of B757’s & MD-11’s they operate a network of flights across the UK & Europe into key freight hubs.


With both of the aircraft available as freeware and payware models (Qualitywings & PMDG) our cargo flights are gaining popularity as it present the opportunity to fly “heavies” on relatively short flights.


Our second key operational change sees the introduction of our “Regional” brand.


Regional flights are operated by aircraft with a maximum seating capacity of seventy two. This includes the de Havilland Twin Otter, Embraer E170 & Bombardier Dash 8-Q400.


The Twin Otter operates from Bergen, Bodo and Bristol on routes requiring its short runway performance. From Bristol this includes flights to the Isles of Scilly, the Lake District and destinations within Wales. Twin Otter routes from Bodo & Bergen link remote communities in Norway in a series of multi-link flights that take in the stunning scenery of Norway.


Our other European bases (Aberdeen, Humberside, Manchester, Palermo & Southend) also offer Regional flights linking not only each of our bases but a blend of major international European airports and interesting regional airports with one of our criteria being that they have high quality freeware scenery available.




Outside of Europe Airwego has a Caribbean base at San Juan (TJSJ) in Puerto Rico.


This base was originally established in the early 2000’s and was reopened in 2015. The fleet is very similar to our European operation with the addition of the A318.




A varied schedule from San Juan sees flights across the Caribbean and into North, South & Central America. The route network includes a series of “Island Hop” flights in the Twin Otter taking in some very challenging approaches.


San Juan also links into our European route network with flights to both Manchester & Palermo using the B767-300ER.


Enjoyment of Flight Simulation is a top priority for Airwego. With this in mind our policy are to keep the rules to a minimum while encouraging pilots of all skill levels to join our community and have fun.


Our Management Team have decades of experience in virtual aviation and always look to engage with our pilot base to ensure they enjoy “Flying The Comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]”.


Thank you for reading.



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