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Peter Ingerslev Nielsen Retires from the BoG

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I need to let you know and to help me celebrate the retirement of a long time friend and a person who has made huge contributions to VATSIM on division, regions and international levels.


Peter has decided it is time for him to retire as the VP Regions and to attend to issues at home and in his professional lives and slow down on his VATSIM life.


Peter became a Region Director for EUR in 2008 and was selected to join the Board of Governors in 2011, and has served with p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion, vigor and faithfully since then until now.


Peter is not going away and remains helping in the Supervisors world and I expect him to take his p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion for training excellence back into his home division.


Please join me in thanking Peter for many, many years of dedicated service to VATSIM and be prepared to welcome him back home in his retirement.


From me personally, thank you my friend, i look forward to seeing the photos from your children's wedding one day.


We will post the opening for applications within the next few days.

Kyle Ramsey



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I am sorry to see you leave the BoG, but I am equally happy for you that you can enjoy life and VATSIM with less responsibilities after the years of tireless efforts and oftentimes difficult challenges you were faced with on the network.


Our chats about the different aspects of VATSIM were always very enjoyable and I hope that there are more to come in the future.


Tak for alt min ven!



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Tusen takk for alle du har gjørt globalt over de siste årene. Vi har ikke vært enige alltid, men jeg har stor respekt for det som du tenke og gjør. Jeg skal aldri glemme hjelpen din for Grønlandsaken, som nå er mer populær enn noen gang.


Vi høres online!

Wygene Chong

C1 Controller | Iceland | Greenland | Faroe Islands

VATSIM Scandinavia

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Hey Peter,


you always came along with your unfiltered opinion, sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was shocking But the situations always got sorted out through further communication and discussion


See you next time I have a nightstop in Malaga! Your beer tap by the pool is awesome!!

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You are a man with a clear mind and adaptable spirit. It's been a pleasure knowing you and working with you. Thanks for your support! Wish we had met in Malaga, see you in London if you are there.




Eugene Lee

Division Director

VATSIM South East Asia

Member, VATASIA Regional Conflict Resolution Panel

Supervisor / Instructor / Senior Controller

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