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List of scheduled Concorde flights

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For those of you who fly Concorde a lot on VATSIM (as I do), here is a list of all of the real-world scheduled Concorde flights made by British Airways and Air France from 1992 up until their retirement in 2003. I hope you find this list as useful as I did .


Air France:


AFR001: JFK-CDG /Daily/ DEP:08:00 ARR:17:45


AFR002: CDG-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:08:25


British Airways:


1992-2000 JFK Schedule -


BAW001: LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:09:25


BAW002: JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00


BAW003: LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:19:30 ARR:18:25


BAW004: JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:13:30 ARR:22:25


2001-2003 JFK schedule:


BAW001: LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:09:25


BAW002: JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:08:30 ARR:17:25


Barbados routes flown in the winter and in August:


BAW273: LHR-BGI /Saturday/ DEP:09:30 ARR:09:45


BAW272: BGI-LHR /Saturday/ DEP:11:45 ARR:20:00

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