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Official Air France Virtual - Now in General Release

Lorenzo Aiello 1125467

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Lorenzo Aiello 1125467



October 8, 2016 - Air France Virtual is now in general release and available to all interested pilots. Air France Virtual (AFV) is the only virtual airline replicating Air France operations that is partnered and endorsed by the real world counterpart.


Our objective

Air France Virtual operates with a unique model of operating as closely to Air France as possible while still permitting some of the positive aspects of flight simulation to shine through. Our mission is to provide our pilots with a realistic, organized, professional and fun atmosphere where one can enjoy the pleasure of growing as a pilot to a level similar of that of an airline pilot in a community environment.


While we strive for excellence, we do embrace a very important concept that while every attempt is made to operate as a real airline, flights are still done in simulators and the number one priority is to have fun.


What we have to offer


  • Robust and extensive progression and achievement system
  • Unique flight processing and scoring system
  • All systems custom-built and maintained in-house
  • Modern and feature-rich crew center
  • Realistic, and completely customizable flight dispatch
  • Flight briefing system that aligns with the real-world information requirements
  • Earn FlyingBlue Miles for every flight flown and exchange them for exclusive add-on discount codes
  • Friendly and vibrant community with regular events and tours
  • Air France mainline operations alongside its wholly-owned subsidiaries




Following the successful launch of Royal Dutch Virtual (the Official KLM Virtual) nearly three years ago, and subsequent introduction to the Air France team combined with community demand for Air France (and it's subsidiaries) led us to make the necessary operational, structural, and technical changes to support and operate both Virtual Airlines.




For more information, please visit us at: https://airfrancevirtual.com/

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