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Vusaf for 2016 and Beyond

Don Mathisen 938772

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Do you want an experience in the vUSAF. - Virtual United States Airforce?


We are looking for qualified pilots to fly in AMC & ACC and possibly become a leader in one of these wings. It's up to you.


Our vision for you is laying the foundation for vUSAF future leaders and produce motivated officers who are prepared to lead. Whether you attend the Total Training in AETC , or are fast tracked due to your flying experience , you will experience first cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] training and staff to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist you on your journey. Becoming a vUSAF officer is not a right, but rather a privilege you will earn through your professionalism, some true dedication and accomeulated time with our organization.


Use the information on this web site- www.vusaf.us- to prepare yourself before you submit application to join this great organization. You will challenge yourself in ways you’ve never dreamed, with the ultimate reward of serving in the vUSAF, bettering yourself, and most importantly, leading with distinction from your training and service time.

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