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Gander Oceanic Wants You!

Don Desfosse

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Don Desfosse

Although Gander is looking to expand their roster, not just for Cross the Pond (CTP), I'll mention that this is another great way to participate in and support Cross The Pond. In addition to supporting our own ARTCCs that participate in this monumental and legendary event with the additional manpower that is always needed, this is a great opportunity for C1 and above rated controllers, particularly from the western side of the country, who don't normally get to participate in CTP. Oceanic always needs more help, every CTP. Please consider getting certified on Oceanic -- yet another challenge and experience to enhance your VATSIM enjoyment.



Why Should You Join?

Gander Oceanic strives to offer an in depth and personal training experience. Each student will receive in depth training through one-on-one instructional sessions, online over-the-shoulder experience, and personal reading.


When controlling on Oceanic you can expect to control many pilots from across the world, learn a very different form of air traffic controlling, and work with controllers from the other side of the pond.


Who can join?

This position is open to anyone provided you currently hold a VATSIM Rating of C1 or higher.


How Do I Join?

Send an email to [email protected] to get started.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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