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Brodie Murdoch

Extending Services in VATPAC/VATNZ Airspace

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Afternoon All,


This topic is aimed about Extending Services to FIR Sectors in VATNZ and VATPAC and should be answered by a staff and either Divisions or by Regional.


So i know for a fact that VATNZ and VATPAC are the only Divisions in VATSIM who allow to Extend to all the FIR's in some way of form.


VATNZ being Extending Services allowed to All FIR sectors in NZZC Main FIR

VATPAC being Extended Services allowed to All Adjacent sectors in Australia Domestic Airspace with 4 vis points set at 400nm which MUST cover the whole sector/s.


Now i see most controllers that put in there controller information on the ATC Client.


Christchurch Control





Brisbane Centre



My question is and i sure i've got the correct answer to this but i just want clarification on it.


When a controller extends to another sector/s to control and provide extended services they must act as in providing top-down services and control all airports within the extended sector and control all types of traffic regardless. But not do what is stated below.


A controller always reserves the right to decline traffic outside of the logged on FIR if traffic volume increases above what is deemed to be comfortable


And is it wrong to state the following in your controller information.


Christchurch Control

Extended Services Available


Part 2


Just for clarification with the VATSIM Pacific Oceanic Agreement are you allowed to Extend Services to other Oceanic FIR's but deemed to fix 4 vis points at 1500nm and MUST cover the whole FIR/s




BN-TSN_FSS and extending to NFFF_FSS or ZAK_E_FSS and extending to ZAK_W_FSS.


I also made a post of Extending Services with VATNZ Forums if anyone may clarify and answer the correct way as well.





Brodie Murdoch
Deputy Division Director
Acting India vACC Director
Lead Operations & AFV Facility Engineer
ATC & FIR Manager, The Specialist of ATC Project VATASIA
VATSIM Supervisor, Team 4
VATSIM West Asia Division
Email: [email protected]

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I'd probably re-post on VATPAC forum and try and get a response there mate.


I recently had a lengthy discussion with a board member in regards this and I believe in VATPAC anyway;


A C1 controller who opens a primary sector may extend if;


1. They do not compromise their service delivery in any sector (primary or secondary),


2. The standard sector that is extended into must have a common boundary with their primary standard sector,


3. Any standard sector in which service is offered (primary or extended) MUST include the whole of that standard sector, and


4. Coverage using 400Nm visible can be achieved with four visibility points (new rule apparently).



1. (This is the bit I wasn't aware of) A ENR CTR primary standard sector is just that, and does not include any TMA service. The top down rule is only if able and can be secondary to extending the standard sector. I've had ENR CTR hand me off to 122.800 when descending into YMML and YSSY (old SNO and BIK respectively), both apparently acceptable for an ENR CTR to do.

2. Standard Sector is now used as VATPAC has sub-divided our standard sectors for events etc. STANDARD ENR SECTOR being ARA, DOS, ISA, MDE, TBP, TRT, ASP, BKE, ESP, ORE, SNO, TAS, TBD, and WOL. Reference VATPAC NOTAM 26OCT2016 http://forums.vatpac.org/index.php/topic,17765.0.html


Hope that helps, or maybe post on the VATPAC forum as mentioned,


C1/O P3


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Hi Brodie,


I have now seen your questions but I don't have time to answer in full right now. If you would like to catch up on TS at some point it's probably easier to answer your questions there.

Greg Barber

VATPAC7 - Non-Executive Director

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