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38 new routes for Autumn/Winter 2016-17

Christopher Liu

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Christopher Liu

weblogo.gifThat's right, we now have OVER 500 ROUTES!


Major updates for this season's schedule include:

6 extra aircraft, total fleet now 131 airframes

2 ceased routes: London City to/from Tarbes Lourdes Pyrenees. Düsseldorf to/from Biarittz.

38 new routes, total now 531 serving 115 airports throughout Europe.

... Birmingham DH8D to/from: Bergen, Verona, Bergamo. Birmingham A320 to/from: Bilbao, Turin and Bologna.

... Düsseldorf JS41 to/from: Linz, Grennoble, Salzburg and Rennes. Düsseldorf DH8D to/from: Salzberg, Karlstad, Jonkoping, Verona and Bergamo. Düsseldorf A320 to/from: Pisa.

... Edinburgh DH8D to/from: Bremen, Bergen and Strasbourg.

Rescheduled all London City inbound flights to accommodate recently extended STARS




To see an interactive map of this huge route network, please visit http://www.viaintercity.com


Intercity operate the PMDG J41, Majestic Q400, Aerosoft A319 & FSLabs A320 on over 500 routes across Europe, tracked by our custom ACARS, so it's easy to fit flying with us around your busy lifestyle. With challenging aircraft, airports and most routes under 90 minutes, Intercity is the airline for pilots who like to be kept busy throughout their flights!


Proud supporter of Intercity Airways, visit www.ViaIntercity.com

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