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Closing of India vACC / 14 NOV 16

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Dear Colleagues,


I would like to use this opportunity to announce important decision regarding our Vatsim West Asia Division. Due to staff shortage, Vatsim West Asia Divisional team decided to close the India vACC until further notice. Nothing to worry, this is just a short term action only, since we are on the process of building a new team for more progress.


I hereby thanks the whole India vACC Team for their awesome work in the past. It was amazing to work with Mr. Amit and the whole team. With your hard work, it was a great progress we had in our region. Also I hope you guys will stay with us for many more years.


Staffing responsibilities.


- India vACC Director and Training emails have been closed.

- Triveni will continue to coordinate events in the meantime.


What does the inactive status mean for pilots and controllers?


- Controllers' training and staffing will be managed by VATWA.

- No impact for pilots.

- India vACC site and TeamSpeak will remain available for everyone to use.


What is next?


- VATWA will be announcing staff positions for India vACC in next few days.

- The goal is to have a new team in place by early December and bring the vACC back to an active status.




Jesil Rahman


Vatsim West Asia


Vatsim West Asia

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