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Looking for a Christian VA

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If you're looking for VAs that don't allow swearing, cursing, sexual innuendos in their members' communication, there are many of those around.

Anything else, why would you care whether someone you'll probably never meet except in some internet forum or chatroom adheres to one religion or another, or none at all?

It's utterly irrelevant.

Of course if you yourself are planning to proseletyse constantly towards others and don't want them to get mad at you, that's something else entirely but then you'd be in your intended VA be preaching to the choir quite literally so what's the point and in any other VA would rapidly make yourself rather unpopular and would likely be kicked out in short order.


If you adhere to Christian values, you accept others as they are and for what they are, certainly as long as those others accept you for what you are. And in my experience most serious simmers at least will do exactly that as the only relevant thing is that we all share a hobby.

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I own Mission Aviation Fellowship on FSEconomy. I have about 6 pilots and a Cessna C208, Cessna C207 X2, Cessna C206, and a Cessna 172. I have a FBO in PNG, Kenya and one small airport in Alberta Canada. In my VA we fly medivacs, food, supplies, sometimes we get a crate of bibles, but mainly taking pastors and missionaries to remote places.

Messgae me about joining if you would be intreastid in joining the team.


Addisen H


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I'm actually quite proud of us that we can have a discussion about this sort of topic and keep it friendly and rational. KOOTOS to everyone! quote]



The word is actually 'KUDOS' not 'KOOTOS", but thank you for the sentiment

Roger Curtiss


VP-Virtual Airlines & Special Ops




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Well if anyone was wondering Connor did eventually join a VA with a Christian CEO (that was me 😜)


edit: just saw the last reply was back from June.... whoops

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Josh Jenk

CZVR C1 controller


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