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Hello All,


The last time I was on the VATSIM network as an controller was in 2009, but due to life, work, lack of pc and kids being born, I took an enforced break.


But now I am settled in my job, have a new computer and my son is now at an age where I can switch on Paw Patrol for a bit of peace, I've got the bug again to control.


It appears that according to my stats that the last time I was online, I was a member of VATME, so I am looking to get back into it.


My question is, where do I start? Things seem to be a bit different to what it was in 2009 (that single login system for VATSIM is a great idea!)




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Hi Carl, welcome back! I can totally understand the pressures of having to hold over FAMLY and expecting further clearance lol! Just now found the time to get back into things myself. Thank goodness for Netflix & Hulu and Curious George, Paw Patrol, Doc McStuffins, etc.


I did some quick checking, and I would recommend filing a ticket with VATME division staff at their help desk at http://hq.vatme.net/support/create so they can look into your account and find out how best to proceed.


Check out https://vatame.org/ and moreso http://www.vatme.net/ for further information.


Once again, welcome back and happy controlling / flying!

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Brad Lee



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