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Flatline Aeromedical Services: December Update

Jordan Grenkow 1187880

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December Update


Since its launch at the beginning of October of this year, Flatline Virtual has come a long way from an idea. As of this post, this little unique airline has completes 58 missions successfully with a total time of 145 hours and over 27,000 nautical miles flown by 12 pilots. This airline is dedicated to aeromedical flights using both fixed wing interfacility transfer aircraft and rotary wing scene response aircraft. The fleet has grown to 9 fixed wing aircraft, 7 rotary wing aircraft, and 3 special event aircraft.


Since its launch, the airline has undergone many changes to make it as efficient and interesting as possible for the pilots and staff who operate it. Logging is still done manually but with positive continuous feedback, all pilots find logging their flights to be simple and easy after the first 5 missions. This will hopefully be changed in the near future with plans for a custom PIREP program that can manage these unique flights and details.


The airline is still young and growing with changes still occurring to further improve it and make it more interesting for the pilots. The airline was launched and designed for the pilots so most changes are from feedback given by the pilots. The airline will continue to be for the pilots and changes will continue to occur to make it better for them and for the airline. At this time with all the changes and newness of the airline, there aren't any huge plans or events coming up. There are however a few additions and changes planned including the possibility of applying for vSOA partnership to access Search and Rescue operations and support VATSIM as the only medevac dedicated VA to be listed for the current VA partners.


Here's a list of major additions/changes for Flatline Virtual:

  • Transfer Employee Handbook over to Standard Operating Procedures for more formal and detailed information on the airline and how to operate in it
  • Update to the Medevac Call Generator to add further levels of realism and simulation as well as custom aircraft specific profiles for easier client usage
  • Training videos
  • Extra training courses
  • Custom PIREP system that properly logs all aspects of medevac missions and integrates with the sim to provide visual feedback within the simulation
  • Human operated dispatch
  • Monthly VA events
  • International Stations


Flatline Virtual continues to look for motivated pilots to fly for the airline. Does flying GA or Rotary Wing aircraft interest you more than heavy metal? How about flying to a new airport or location every single time you fly? Maybe having a few more levels of realism and dynamics in your flights sparks your interest. If any of these are you, head on over to http://flatlinevirtual.com/apply/ and join the crew today.

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