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Hello! Volarent.org is looking for new pilots to fill our ranks and to operate our routes on VATSIM. We currently operate the hubs of KAUS, KSFO, KBOS, RJTT, EGLL, and YSSY in a spokes configuration. At Volarent Virtual Airlines we allow pilots to choose the routes, planes, and times that they fly while still maintaing a realistic atmosphere. We do not limited where you can fly based on your rank, and we accept most applications to join. We are a VATSIM-based virtual airline, while you are certainly not required to fly on the VATSIM network, it is highly recommended as it helps spread the word about Air Volarent. In addition, we welcome all FSX and X-Plane 10 users to our virtual airline. We use the Xacars program as standard for automatic-PIREPS and live flight tracking. We also offer many different ranks to our members and you can earn additional crew points for various other things. PIREPS are reviewed and accepted in a timely manner, so you can always keep your hours up to date with your flying time. You can also transfer your hours from most other virtual airlines based on the PHPVMS service. Welcome aboard Air Volarent, and have a great Flight!



Join Volarent today at Volarent.org

-"I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you."

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