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Come and Fly The Compass with Airwego

Richard Myers

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Richard Myers

Flying the Comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]

Airwego Virtual Airline

Press Release January 2017


As we enter 2017 our Flight Simulation hobby is in good health.


The platforms on which we base our hobby are in a strong cycle of development (X Plane & P3D) while a replacement for FSX, from Dovetail, is on the horizon. For publishers, developers and those that run organisations that support our hobby the future is bright.


Virtual Airlines may yet enter another golden period of popularity as virtual aviators look for a structure to their flying.


Airwego, established in 2000, completed its sixteenth year of operation in 2016 a year in which key aspects of the virtual airline were reviewed and overhauled. The rewards for the hard work of the Management Team came in the form of excellent recruitment figures in the latter months of the year.


Attracted by our relaxed approach to flight simulation applications to join Airwego increased five fold on the same period in 2015. Minimum rules and maximum fun (our mission statement) clearly strikes a chord with the wider community with many of our new recruits soon immersing themselves in our operation which offers an extensive freeware fleet supported by repaints of popular payware products such as Majestic, Aerosoft, PMDG, Qualitywings and Level D.


Alongside our aircraft fleet we offer a range of Cockpit Docomeents including flights plans in various formats for all of our destinations. Within this suite of docomeents we have recently upgraded the Flight Briefing section of our website to offer free aerodrome charts alongside weather reports for departure, arrival and alternate airports.


Sourcing charts for over three hundred airports is a difficult task and was accomplished by one of our new Staff Members. Chris Miller joined our team as Chief Pilot bringing a depth of aviation knowledge that has already proved to be a very valuable resource to Airwego. Chris has started work on new projects to help our pilot base expand their understanding of aviation with a “Flight School” currently under development.


Joining Chris as our new team member is Pete Beardsley . Pete steps into our Human Resources office with a brief to help our crew manage their membership of Airwego. Alongside a range of daily desks Pete [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ists in preparing our monthly Operations Update (a newsletter published on the first Monday of every month and distributed to our crew) and has also taken Airwego into the X Plane realm.


Pete has replicated our aircraft fleet for use in X Plane using a range of high quality freeware aircraft. With popularity of this platform on the rise Airwego is well placed to meet this demand with our customer flight reporting software (HERMES) also compatible with X Plane.


A recently held meeting of the Staff Team confirmed plans for 2017 which include further development of our Flight School, a commitment to increasing our presence on VATSIM a new aircraft type joining the fleet, a very “special” and “unique” flight operation and plans to recruit a Marketing and Media Manager.


So if you enjoy your flight simming with Minimum Rules and Maximum Fun (come and view our Operations Manual to see how relaxed we are) why not come and Fly The Comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] with Airwego in 2017.


Our website can be found at http://www.airwego.org.uk

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