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SimilarAircraftTypes.txt missing in vPilot 2?

Bryn Battersby

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I just noticed that this file was not in my vPilot directory. Was it removed in version 2.0? It was a handy file to override the wrong ICAO identifiers of other pilots on vatsim.


I realise this was over-written every time I updated the client, but I immediate over-wrote whatever was put there, because mine was far more complete than the developer's.


If I put a SimilarAircraftTypes.txt file in the vPilot 2.0 directory, will it use it?




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No, that list is now downloaded from the server. It is part of the compressed ModelMatchingData.bin file.


Please feel free to send me your list so that I can add it to the database ... that way all vPilot users benefit, and not just you.


Note that the format has changed as well. Now, the list of similar type codes is only for grouping valid codes together. It is not for fixing invalid ICAO codes. I have a different list called "TypeCodeAliases" for that purpose. For example, one such alias is "737" which maps to "B737". So if you do send me your list of invalid type code corrections, please send it as a mapping of invalid code to valid code.

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