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Canada Air Virtual Now Open!

Rod James

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Canada Air Virtual offers a professional and friendly environment with a relaxed staff team structure and welcomes all virtual pilots regardless of skill level. Canada Air Virtual is a fictional virtual airline that simulates the operations of a fictitious airline company "Canada Air". 


We base our operations on real world scenarios but our pilots are free to explore the whole world as we only exist in the fictional virtual world of flight simulation and are not tied to real world airline hubs, fleets and schedules. Pilots of Canada Air Virtual enjoy the flexibility to fly any aircraft, livery, and route or charter flight at any time.


We fully support Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Prepar3D, and X-Plane. Our vision at Canada Air Virtual is simply to return enjoyment to your hobby of flight simulation. Just as our slogan says "It's your time to fly" so enjoy yourself and have fun!


 All accomeulated proven hours from a virtual airline or the VATSIM network are accepted at Canada Air Virtual




* Fly online VATSIM / IVAO or offline.


* Custom built ACARS (CAVacars) from FS Products takes the trouble out of setting up each flight and capable of recording "multiple landings" in the same flight.


* Over 11,600 scheduled routes and constantly growing.


* Unlimited charter flights (which allows you the freedom to create your own route from any airport in the world to your favorite payware scenery destinations)


* Over 100 airline partners from around the world and growing


* Fly our scheduled routes, any of our airline partners or simply make up your own custom charter flight.


* Regular online group flights / fly-in events.


* New tours created monthly.


* Pilot Awards.


* Fleet Downloads


* Custom pilot dashboard


* TeamSpeak 3 server


* Pilot community forum (Auto forum registration when registering at Canada Air Virtual)


* Pilots % discount for Simaddons scenery 


* Visit us at: http://canadaairvirtual.ca

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